Thursday, January 14, 2010

Live Tracking is FINISHED

14 songs tracked in 8 days of recording | principle recording is now finished | more overdubs still to be done | then we fist fight over which songs make the album.

i gotta say i am super tired, thankful, and surprised. to watch a litter of songs that i've only sung with a guitar or a piano grow the muscle and sinew of a band gives them a density that up until now, only i could hear. we've all midwifed these tunes through a second birth and there are some moments! i have explored music with each of these guys individually when i had lived for a spell in their town (shaun - columbus,oh/ jim - florence, sc/ jason - nashville, tn)so when they all swung at my pitch i knew we were in for an anthropological experiment. the relationships formed amongst strangers in two weeks of living together/making music together is an phenomenon of laughs, insecurities, wrestling, empowerment, wierd meals, and fraternity. i think we all feel empty and full all at the same time.


View of the Iced Hudson from Garrison

Mama is relentless during overdubs but it hurts so good.

One night we took a break climbed 1/4 the way up Break Neck mountain. This is after we made our decent.

Gerry and Donnie tracking "Hypocrite". I (Jimmy) was snapping pics before my part came up.

Shaun's drum setup.

Electric Guitar Amps (Epi Valve Jr. - Headstrong Lil' King, Fender Deluxe Reverb, & Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special)

Badabing Badabing Badabing Badabing Badabing Badabing Badabing
(Jimmy's favorite instrument)

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